The old roof tiles and felting has been removed and with only a little remedial work required, and after inspection the new felt and lathes were applied. On completion of this, the new roof tiles, which arrived in early December, were then put in place and the works were completed on within a few days, fortunately just before a heavy downpour. Contractors on site took the opportunity to check the completed works and were pleased to report that no leaks were found.

The brickwork on the front and side of the hall has been dressed and upgraded where necessary and re-pointing of this area is already in progress. After a tidying up session around the hall perimeter and the removal of scaffolding the next phase will begin which includes internal alterations, plumbing and electrical work and the installation of new windows.

Further updates will follow as progress is made.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact, or call our Village Hall Central number: 07092 985 831