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Village Hall Renovation Update – April 2012

April 2012

Following on from the internal roof fitting in March, the flat external Servery roof has now been refurbished to stop the leaks. Electrical work has been progressing with a new central board, ceiling and emergency lights internally, and miles of new wiring.

The ageing windows are currently being replaced with new double-glazed units and French doors.

An external trench has been cut around the hall and filled with gravel to stop the damp creeping over the damp-proof course and up the walls.

Still a lot to do, and we’ll update as we progress.

Many thanks to all our regular user groups for putting up with, and working around the building work. We know it hasn’t been easy but we’re doing the best we can, and your co-operation and tolerance is very much appreciated.

 March 2012

Work continues at the Village Hall and this week should see the fitting of the over boarding to the framework of the lowered ceiling. New lighting installation is up and working and the heating is proving to be working successfully and somewhat quieter than the old system.

More internal workings will take place as soon as the ceiling project is completed.

February 2012

Electrical work is well under-way, the new boiler is up and running and the re-positioning of radiators in the hall appears to be making the hall warmer than it has been for some time. With the new ceiling lights in position this now leaves the way clear for the boarding over of the overhead structure forming the framework for the lowered ceiling. and the provision of insulation materials before the overhead works is completed.

Further updates will follow as progress is made.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact, or call our Village Hall Central number: 07092 985 831

January 2012

Work has started internally with the fitting of tie-bars and roof cavity supports where needed.

Timbers and the new beams for use in the support frame for the lowered ceiling are now being installed. As this work progresses, new electrical and plumbing fittings will also be installed and connections will take place on completion of the lowered ceiling. The roof will be fully insulated to current standards which should hopefully make for a warmer experience and drastically cut heating bills.

December 2011

The old roof tiles and felting has been removed and with only a little remedial work required, and after inspection the new felt and lathes were applied. On completion of this, the new roof tiles, which arrived in early December, were then put in place and the works were completed on within a few days, fortunately just before a heavy downpour. Contractors on site took the opportunity to check the completed works and were pleased to report that no leaks were found.

The brickwork on the front and side of the hall has been dressed and upgraded where necessary and re-pointing of this area has now been completed.

Soffitts and facia boards are now fitted, and guttering installed. All weathered, or perished brickwork has been removed and replaced.

A general clean up around the perimeter of the hall has also taken place.

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