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Thursday 4th June 2020


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Chairman’s Report 2011 / 2012

Chairman’s Report 2011/2012

Chairman’s Annual Report 2011/12

This year has far surpassed any year the Charity has had to date with respect to moving forward the Hall refurbishment programme.

We commenced in May 201 1 by losing two trustees and gaining three new trustees, who have remained with us and supported us throughout the year.

In October 2011, after months of preparation and submissions, we finally received confirmation from WREN for a grant for £45,800 towards our refurbishment project. This began in earnest in November, and, whilst still in progress, the Hall has seen a number of significant changes.

The roof has been fully replaced and all the external brickwork has been replaced where necessary and repointed. You may have also noticed a ring of gravel around the perimeter of the hall to help alleviate any rising damp issues.

Replacement double glazed windows are currently being installed and these will be completed in the next couple of weeks. A significant change has been the inclusion of 2 French windows and a ‘proper1 Fire Door to the west side of the hall, providing ample light and good access to the outside. The hall is now watertight and structurally sound again after many years, and we have lost the unsightly boarded up windows at the back of the hall. The hall already seems to be ‘drying out’ well so hopefully we resolved all damp issues.

Internally, we have lowered the roof in the main hall and added plenty of insulation over and above the recommended limits. The re­wiring is almost complete, and the hall has a rejuvenated heating system with the addition of a new boiler. We have already seen an improvement to the energy efficiency and a number of users have commented positively on the ‘new look’ and the fact that the hall is warmer.

Next steps are to complete the refurbishment of the toilets and servery. Members may have noticed already a brand new cooler in the servery that has already proved to be a valuable asset, during the bar put on last Saturday for a private party. We also have plans to complete the redecoration for the main hall.

The total project costs for the refurbishment project, phase 1 are in the region of £70,000 and we have already saved a lot of money on the actual costs, we will continue to look for savings as we move forward. We have also secured a second grant from Awards for All for £8,91 9 and have two more grants awaiting responses, to help with redecoration. As well as this we have been given donations from F.Walters, £400, North Notts Lions, £500, and Notts County Council for £400 towards the refurbishment plans. A big thank youto all for their continued support.

We are not stopping here. Future plans are already being worked through with regards Phase 2 and 3 of the refurbishment programme, for the external works – a new entrance and car park, and also an extension to the side of the Village Hall which would provide additional space for kitchen and toilet areas.

With respect to our User Groups, we must extend our grateful thanks to all for ‘putting up’ with the building work and continuing despite dust and mess caused. Hopefully this will reduce soon. We now have an additional group – Zumba/Keep Fit, which seems to be very popular. Caravan rallies are also continuing to happen, and we have had a number during the year.

In terms of events, Coffee Mornings are still a big attraction along with Village Ventures – the next one is happening on 12 May so get your tickets. We have not had much opportunity with respect to organising any fund raising events, but these will commence again hopefully in the summer. The next big event is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the Village Hall will play  its part in celebrations by hosting a children’s tea party and Barn Dance in the evening, both free to residents of the village.

The Village Hall Committee remain resolute in their campaign to improve hall facilities, and we hope that the coming year will see even more changes and improved facilities.

The Village Hall continues to support the Parish Plan Steering Group, and we have also seen another key improvement with the addition of a new children’s play area jn the grounds, a joint venture with the Parish Plan Steering Group following consultation with residents of the village.

Committee members have also planted four apple trees, in memory of June Barlow, one of our long standing committee members who died last year, purchased with a grant obtained from Notts Community Bramley Apple Foundation.

What we continue to need from you:

As users of the hall and residents of the village, we need you to support our endeavours by:

  1. Supporting and attending the events and groups that we put on
  2. Lending your help and support to the committee, either by becoming a committee member, trustee, or even offering help at events. And if you’re good at something particular, let us know, you may find several you could run a small group, or just meet up with like-minded people
  3. Support our resolution to turn the hall into a thriving community facility that we are all proud of, and stamp out traits of vandalism, and crime.
  4. Log onto our website and tell us what you think, many people look at our site from far and wide and compliment us on our Hall site and facilities.

Finally thanks, as always to our solid volunteers, the current committee members,

Plans for the coming year

  1. To remain financially viable throughout the year.
  2. To continue to attract users for the Hall.
  3. To continue to maintain the Hall and comply with statutory requirements.
  4. Increase communications and marketing of the hall.
  5. Continue with fundraising events.
  6. Develop and pursue grants to continue the refurbishment projects for the completion of Phase 1 of the programme.
  7. Commence Phase 2.
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