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Wednesday 30th September 2020


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Over £1,000 raised so far !

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EasyFundraising Donation Reminder

We’ve registered the Sutton-cum-Lound Village Hall Fund on the EasyFundraising site to help us raise a bit more money for the Village Hall refurbishments.

EasyFundraising provides a FREE fundraising service where they raise funds for any charity, trust, school, club, good cause or community group you support when you shop online.

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Donation Reminder

Wherever you are on the web, Donation Remidnder will automatically alert you when a donation is available from a retailer.

So even if you forget about easyfundraising, Donation Reminder will remember for you. Which means that your cause won’t miss out on any donations! Easy!

PC or Mac, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome, Donation Reminder makes fundraising easy.

Get Donation Reminder now

What it does:

  • Alerts you that a donation is available when you start to shop with an easyfundraising retailer
  • Tells you which retailers work with easyfundraising. There are over 2000 retailers on easyfundraising – you might not remember them all but Donation Reminder will
  • Shows you all the latest voucher codes and offers at a glance
  • Displays how much you and your cause have raised
  • Lets you search Google or easysearch directly from Donation Reminder and highlights which retailers in the search results work with easyfundraising
  • Safe to use – no adware or spyware


It won’t make us rich but every time you use their service it may add a few pounds to our coffers that we wouldn’t have received otherwise.

It won’t cost you anything, and we’ll be very grateful for anything we receive as a result of your participation.

As they say, “every little helps”.

Thanks for helping.

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