Towards Community Building
Sunday 20th October 2019


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Meet The Team

The Village Hall Committee

Chris Sulley: Chair

Jane Sulley: Treasurer

Lynne Tweed: Secretary

Margaret Boreham

Paula Graham

Kathryn Seddons

Hall Bookings and Enquiries

The Management Committee Objectives

  • To consult with the wider community to identify their needs in a modernised village hall.
  • To extend, alter and improve the existing hall to meet the needs of its current users and potential users including outside agencies and organisations.
  • To form a village hall capable of accommodating the increasing number of community groups and services in a diverse and changing community.
  • To update the building to current legislation where necessary, for the benefit of the wider community and including those with disabilities.
  • To address the structural, maintenance and environmental issues with a view to reducing the increasing running costs.
  • To minimise the use of fossil fuels by the provision of a sustainable energy system.
  • To identify sources of funding and make applications for grant aid for the works.